Cornea is the outer layer of the eye through which the light passes into the eyes. It is a clear tissue and provides the focusing power of an image into the eyes. Corneal diseases are serious conditions since they can cause severe visual impairments like clouding, distortion, scarring and eventually blindness

There are many corneal diseases; however the major diseases are Keratoconus, Fuchs’endothelial dystrophy and Bullous Keratopathy


  • Blurred vision.
  • Glare with lights.
  • Foggy vision in the morning initially and later on throughout.

Some corneal conditions can be very painful.

Keratoconus: Is a condition that weakens central corneal tissue. Cornea develops cone shaped deformity. The progression can be rapid in some cases, and gradual to intermittent in some cases.
Keratoconus usually occurs in both eyes, but in some cases it may occur in one eye.

Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy is a hereditary condition where fluid gets stick in inner layer of cornea called endothelium resulting in formation of swellings. The vision becomes cloudy and decreased.

Bullous Keratopathy is a condition in which the cornea becomes permanently swollen because the endothelium is damaged and no longer exchanging fluids from inside out.


Infections, Bacterial, Fungal and Viral infection are common causes for corneal damages.

  • Hereditary .
  • Use of contact lenses.
  • Eye Trauma.
  • Certain eye diseases like Retinitis Pigmentosa, retinopathy of prematurity, and vernal keratoconjuctivitis.
  • The cause of Keratoconus is unknown, bullous Keratopathy may occur in post cataract patients in very few cases.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Most of the corneal disorders are identified in slit lamp examination and using a magnification glass. Corneal Topography, pachymeter etc are advanced equipment to identify corneal thickness, curvature etc.

Refracto has all the facilities and expertise to identify the disorders and provide appropriate clinical interventions.

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