What is Cataract?

Cataracts occur when the lens in your eye becomes cloudy due to hardening of lens (A protein builds up in the lens). As the condition progresses the clouded lens allows less light to pass through your Vision becomes blurred

Living with Cataract (Symptoms)

  • Cloudy Vision /Dim Vision / Blurred Vision.
  • Colors appear dull.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Night glares.
  • Double vision.

The Treatment

Cataracts can be treated only with surgery.

What happens in the surgery?

The natural lens which is cloudy is removed and an artificial lens called intraocular lens is inserted safely.

More about Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery is most commonly performed surgery.
It is one of the safest surgery patients can go home on same day within hours after


99% of the patients experience good to great quality of improvement in vision after cataract surgery.

Choosing IOL (Intra Ocular Lens)

Please talk to our surgeon regarding best suitable IOL for your vision.
Our surgeons at Refracto Eye Hospitals have completed more than 100000 (one lakh) cataract surgeries cumulatively with best surgical outcomes.

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