Refracto offers high precision robotic technology + highly experienced clinical teams together to provide most advanced and affordable Glass Removal/Refractive/ Lasik surgeries. At Refracto, we encourage inclusive decisions to be taken by patient and Surgeon


What is Cataract? Cataracts occur when the lens in your eye becomes cloudy due to hardening of lens (A protein builds up in the lens). As the condition progresses the clouded lens allows less light


Cornea is the outer layer of the eye through which the light passes into the eyes. It is a clear tissue and provides the focusing power of an image into the eyes. Corneal diseases are


Retina is the receiving component of the eye which is on the back side of lens. Retina is rich in blood supply Diseases effecting Retina vary widely, and most of them cause visual disorders Retina

Refractive Errors

Types Of Refractive Errors: Low Order Aberrations : An eye that has refractive error when viewing distant objects is said to have ametropia or be ametropic. This eye, when not using accommodation, cannot focus parallel


Glaucoma is a condition of the eye where the optic nerve is affected due to various reasons and leads to partial to total vision loss if not treated. Often the main reason is abnormal high

Low Vision

Low vision is a term used to describe visual conditions where the vision is significantly low and cannot be corrected with glasses, surgery or any medication. Causes Any of the following conditions may result in

Pediatric Ophthalmology

There are many conditions and ophthalmic disorders which can affect your child’s vision. Periodic vision checkups can identify them or whenever your child comes up with any visual problems the Doctor screening the child can


Oculoplasty or Ocular Plastic surgery is the clinical services provided to treat the following conditions. Almost all the surgeries are extra ocular and do not involve inside of the eye. The following conditions are treated

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